La Pajarita Customizer

How does it work?

A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Well, that's why we offer this video so you can see just how easy it is to use La Pajarita's customizer to customize napkins and placemats. We offer all kinds of sizes and ranges so you can choose the one for you.

Follow the steps to customize

We've created the easiest tool on the market to customize napkins and placemats. In 5 easy steps, you'll have the image of your customization as if it were on your table.

Full customization!

Leave no room for imagination and find out - or show your clients - how your customized napkins or placemats will look. Use our customizer now and boost your sales with the aid of visual support.

How will your customization look in the end?

Still have doubts as to how your customization might look in the end? Here are a few images of how your customized placemats and napkins will look using La Pajarita's customizer.

Kangaroo- customized napkins

With La Pajarita’s customizer you can customize all the kangaroo napkins in our catalog. All ranges and designs are at your disposal.

Augmented reality

With this new tool, you will be able to see how you napkins look with designs as if they were set on the table. All thanks to the augmented reality.

All kinds of products

You can customize everything from mininapkins to placemats. The sky’s the limit. Find out how your customized napkins and placemats will look.

A support in sales

If you are a distributor, it’ll be easier to show how your customer’s placemats and napkins will look. A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Customized placemats

In addition to napkins, we also offer the possibility to see how customized placemats look. A whole world of possibilities with the Customizer.

20x20 napkins

You can also customize napkins of all sizes, 20×20, 40×40… Upload your .PNG image (no background) and see how your customization will look.

Personalized placemat and napkin color swatch chart

You’ve probably been able to see that many personalized napkins have a professional and quality look.  This is achieved, not only through a good print job, but also by correctly choosing the colors that are going to go on, not only our printed napkins, but also on our personalized placemats.

It is logical to think that if we want to personalize a blue napkin, we would not choose a purple-colored ink to print in. The color would just end up lost.

We know it can be difficult sometimes choosing the colors that best go with the color of the napkin or placemats that we want to personalize with our logo.  That is why we have prepared an ink chart so that you know which colors we use in printing at La Pajarita and which combinations your personalization would go well with and which ones we would recommend not combining.


As you have seen, the rows are the personalized placemat and napkin colors in which they can be printed, and the 34 rows are each and every color we use to personalize your placemats.

We find three types of boxes in this chart: the color boxes with a black tick are colors that would go great with the background support color.  Let’s give an example: in the burgundy row, the first box is marked with a tick. This means that, for a burgundy-color personalized napkin, white would go great with it.

The second type of box we find are light gray. These are ones not recommended.  Thanks to our long experience personalizing, we have come across a few combinations that just don’t go well together no matter how you combine them or print them.  That’s why we advise you not to use combinations marked in gray for your personalized placemats and napkins.

Lastly, there are some colors, on other colors, that lose quality, visibility, and harmony.  Due to this, boxes in dark gray are color combinations that are impossible for us to print. For us, quality is the most important, and we know that these combinations on personalized napkins and placemats will not not have the print quality they ought to.

What our clients say

It’s a fantastic too to customize napkins or placemats. Very easy to use with incredible real-time results.

A super-easy tool to use, which has helped us show our clients their customized napkins. They are delighted!

Fundamental tool, easy to use and quick presentation to the customer of how their napkins or placemats look customized, for me, it is very useful and makes selling easier.

Advantages of buying personalized napkins

Competition in the hostelry sector is so large that a restaurant, bar, or café must find a way to be distinct. It is key to standing out amongst your competitors.

Here at La Pajarita we have always defend the idea that distinction comes from both the quality of the cuisine and the design of the restaurant itself.  And that’s why we support the idea of using personalized paper napkins.  We are talking about a low-cost product that can enhance your restaurant’s image.

Personalizing napkins is an act of marketing and efficient communication, given that it provides visibility of your business image on dining guests who are going to use it.

Your personalized napkin on social networks

When you are at your hostelry business, go out to the dining area. Observe how many people are using their mobile… and how many people are taking photos of their plates.


It’s very likely that those photos are destined to be uploaded on social networks, where thousands of people will see them.  If right next to that plate is a personalized napkin with your restaurant image, you are getting completely free publicity that is reached by thousands of people,  just for putting your logo on personalized napkins.

Why buy personalized placemats?


It’s true that personalized napkins are the best way to promote your brand image in an easy, cheap, fast way.  But they ought to be accompanied.

Using personalized placemats to complement the image the personalized paper napkins give will make even more of an impression on the consumer’s mind.  Making the memory of your brand logo even more present the next time they want to repeat the experience.

Personalized placemats

It’s also true, that unless a publicity or branding company has done a full corporate logo for your brand and has created tablecloths specifically designed for your HoReCa business, we do not recommend personalizing 100x100cm tablecloths with your company logo. It might not end up having the desired design effects.

To print your logo on a tablecloth or placemat so that it is present during the whole dining experience in the restaurant, we only recommend using personalized placemats.  In such a delimited space, you can centrally place your company logo while protecting the table from possible dirt and damage during lunch or dinner.