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Our GoGreen product range is fully respectful of the environment. To make the tablecloths and paper napkins that form part of this family, we use 100% recycled materials, which means not only do we contribute to improving the environment by using thrown-away raw materials, but also that we take advantage of that material, reusing it to go back again and create recycled napkins and tablecloths.

These products are perfect for companies that are looking to transmit, through their recycled tablecloths and napkins, an image of quality, innovative design and respect for the environment. Also, they are completely personalizable, and to do that, we use 100% natural inks which re-enforce your environmental commitment.

The GoGreen product range offers a wide variety of products and sizes adoptable to all types of businesses.  They offer a natural and organic image meaning they match perfectly with the atmosphere these materials have been designed for.

Find out about our recycled napkins

Paper napkins 17x17

17×17 recycled paper napkins

Organic mini-napkins with messages to raise awareness about climate change.

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Paper napkins 20x20

20×20 cocktail napkins

Recycled paper napkins with the Ecolabel print symbol.

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Paper napkins 25x25 Boxes

25×25 organic napkins Boxes

Ecological paper napkins with an innovative new design that imitates wine boxes.

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Napkins 33x33 1 ply

33×33 single-ply recycled paper napkins

Ecological napkins from the GoGreen family, perfect for taking care of the environment.

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Napkins 33x33 2 plys

33×33 2-ply recycled paper napkins

Napkins made from 100% recycled paper with 2 layers and organic colors.

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Paper napkins 40x32

40×32 organic kangaroo napkins

Recycled paper napkins perfect for storing utensils and protecting the environment.

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Paper napkins 40x40

40×40 GoGreen recycled paper napkins

Napkins made from recycled paper with organic color, 40×40 cm.

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Microdot napkins 40x40

Microdot organic paper napkins

Organic napkins made using Microdot which respect the environment.

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Double point napkins 40x40

40×40 Punta Punta recycled napkins

Napkins made using the Punta Punta method with the Ecolabel print seal, in organic color.

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All the organic napkins that form part of the GoGreen product family are completely personalizables. Also, all the standard recycled napkins carry the Ecolabel print seal to re-enforce the message about sustainability.  It also guarantees that the napkins are made from 100% recycled paper.

These napkins comply with the regulation regarding products suitable for food contact and they offer a natural image coinciding with its organic perfil, given that they are made meeting all the legal requirements of the Ecolabel seal.

Find your recycled tablecloth

Paper table runner 40x120

40×120 recycled paper table runner

Organic table runners made from recycled paper. Completely respectful of the environment.

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Paper tablecloths 100x100

100×100 cm. recycled paper tablecloths

Recycled paper tablecloths that comply with the Ecolabel legislation and are certified by this seal of sustainability.

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Paper tablecloths 100x100 Tablas

100×100 recycled paper tablecloths, Plank

Organic paper tablecloths. Made from recycled paper and certified by the Ecolabel seal.

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Paper tablecloths 100x100 Square

Recycled paper tablecloths, Organic Checkers

Organic tablecloths with a checker design that fits all types of businesses, especially ones related to sustainability.

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Paper tablecloths 120x120

120×120 cm. recycled paper tablecloths

Organic tablecloths designed with the environment in mind.

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Bon Appetite placemats 30x40

Recycled paper placemats

Organic placemats with an innovative design and messages of support for the environment.

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Paper placemats 30x40

30×40 recycled paper placemats

Recycled paper placemats certified by the Ecolabel seal as 100% organic placemats.

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Paper placemats 30x40

30×40 recycled paper placemats

Recycled paper placemats certified by the Ecolabel seal as 100% organic placemats.

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In order to belong to the GoGreen family, Organic paper tablecloths offer by La Pajarita they must meet the requirements of being made from recycled materials and have the relevant certificates to be approved by Ecolabel.

As both our organic napkins and tablecloths are made from recycled paper, it is possible they have different color tones when they are produced. However, they will always have that characteristic brown color of recycled organic material.

What advantages do recycled napkins and tablecloths have?


The main advantage of recycled napkins and tablecloths is the environmental benefit it provides. During production, they use less energy and water, and they produce less carbon emissions than non-recycled paper. Also, it reduces the amount of waste we dispose of into the environment.

When talking about paper, it can be recycled and re-used up to 4 or 5 times after its first use, and because of break-throughs in technology, it still has the same performance (both in quality and in printing) as a non-recycled one used for the first time.

Another advantage to keep in mind when using recycled napkins and tablecloths is that it avoids the indiscriminate logging of our forests, given that it is calculated 5 trees have avoided being cut when instead recycled paper tablecloths are made.

Apart from the more obvious social and environmental benefits, using recycled paper napkins and tablecloths can be a very powerful tool for organizations:

As a brand image.  Using products made from recycled paper, the company is proving its commitment to the environment. And clients like that, especially those more aware of the issue.

As Corporate Social Responsibility. Caring for the environment is an important aspect of most Corporate Social Responsibility policies that businesses have. The use of recycled napkins and tablecloths can be part of the solution to achieve this goal for your business.

As a way of communication. All our standard napkins and tablecloths are printed with the Ecolabel seal. A certification known world-wide which verify the use of recycled material in napkins and tablecloths that protect and care for the environment. This means choosing to use GoGreen products can be a visual way of defending the environmental values your company defends.

As a backing of other corporations. The use of recycled products is backed by most world organizations, such as by governments and scientific authorities like UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) and other organizations such as WWF and Greenpeace.

Certified Sustainability

With the creation of the GoGreen product range and the production of recycled napkins and tablecloths, we agreed to get the organic Ecolabel seal being one of the few Spanish businesses to do so.

Our recycled products also carry a PEFC and FSC certification. Distinctions that accredit the recycled paper we use comes from certified recycling sources.


By using recycled materials, and printing personalizations with 100% natural inks, we can guarantee that all the products forming part of the GoGreen family are completely organic and come from certified recycling sources.

That’s why we have all the certifications mentioned above. Because in the making of recycled napkins and tablecloths, we optimize both the use of energy and water, trying not to waste either of the two in the process; We emit low levels of greenhouse gases, collaborating to improve our planet’s atmosphere;  We do not introduce damaging substances into the environment, given that we use 100% organic inks,  We use recycled paper from certifiably recycled sources, which allows us to guarantee our clients that they are using truly organic materials; and we carry out proper waste disposal, contributing to the  CEE-Circular Economy and Environment.

GoGreen Air-laid napkins and tablecloths

Airlaid napkins 20x20

20×20 Air-laid napkins

Air-laid-made cocktail napkins that resemble recycled napkins.

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Airlaid napkins 40x32

40×32 Air-laid Kangaroo napkins

Kangaroo napkins to cover utensils and give the impression of protecting the environment, like our recycled paper napkins.

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Airlaid napkins 40x32 Bamboo

40×32 Air-laid Bamboo napkins

Kangaroo napkins made using Air-laid (non-woven fabric). Lines reminiscent of Bamboo cane that give a natural and organic touch.

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Airlaid napkins 40x40

40×40 Air-laid napkins

GoGreen napkins, different from our recycled napkins for the hospitality sector, as they are Air-laid-made.

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Airlaid napkins 40x40 Drap

40×40 Drap napkins

Organic-colored napkins with a small trim. They are similar to our recycled paper products.

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Airlaid table runners 40x100

40×100 Air-laid table runners

Runners with an organic look made from Air-laid material.

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Airlaid table runners 40x120

40×120 Air-laid GoGreen runners

Table runners 40 cm wide and 120 cm long, similar to our recycled paper products for its organic look.

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Airlaid table runner rolls 0,4x48 m

Table runner roll

Table runners with organic colors for restaurants

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Placemats 30x40

30×40 Air-laid placemats

Air-laid placemats completely personalizable that look like our recycled paper placemats made using 100% organic inks.

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If you are looking for an organic image with a texture different from that of recycled paper products, we also make Air-laid tablecloths and napkins in organic brown, to get that natural look you seek.

These products, the same as our recycled paper napkins and tablecloths, are products certified for food contact.